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New 10 Tips Will Change the Way Indian Women Buy Trendy Fashion Jewelry

Women are adorable creatures who love pampering themselves by beautifying up their looks; wearing makeup, doing their hair into the most fashionable styles, manicuring their nails, shopping for the most trendy outfits as well as jewelry and accessories.

Speaking of jewelry, you can barely come across a woman who is not fond of wearing them. For ladies, buying a piece of jewelry is deemed to be one of the most exciting activity to do, but still, it can be nerve-wracking and stressful because they fall in love with every piece of jewelry or accessory that they see. However, choosing a jewelry piece from popular shops as Damselcode trendy fashion jewelry need to be done with carefulness because they are known to be the lively part of any outfit and it completes your bold look, making you more attractive.

Statement pieces are actually worth to put an emphasis on, for they are fun and stylish, but let us also state the fact that if these statements are worn incorrectly, they will not do you good as expected. Jewelry is able to make your whole outfit stand out, but you should try as hard as you can to keep it simple. So, here in this article; you will get introduced to ten unique tips to choose the best pieces of jewelry and accessories.

Less is more

Yes, that might sound like a cliché, but actually, it is very true, for the key to look fashionable and trendy is to make it as simple as you can. If you are going to wear bold jewelry, you should not wear a lot of them all at once, for they will make your look very crowded; instead, wear one piece at a time. If you find yourself wanting to wear more than one then avoid making them close to each other. In other words, if you are going to wear a bold statement necklace, avoid wearing a pair of statement earrings at the same time and the same goes for your hands; do not wear a statement ring with bold bracelets.
Instead, mix one from here and one from there together such as wearing the statement earrings with statement bracelets or the necklace with the ring. Choose whatever suits you, but make the rule goes as one up, as for the neck and ears, and one down, as for the hand and fingers. It is also preferable to select the same kind of metals to look more coordinated.

Earrings that fit your attire

Earrings have a great impact on your overall appearance outfit even if they were relatively small; they will still appear to those who talk to you face to face. There are three different earrings to wear; the first are the ones with small studs; they go perfectly with almost any attire. The second type is the dainty drops; it is not too big and not too small, but they have the best size to wear. The last ones are the chandelier earrings and they are pretty obvious from their names; they are large and clear for everyone to see and they can fit perfectly with simple outfits.



Rings are important too

Rings are beautiful to adorn your fingers and hand. Always try to keep it simple and do not over-crowd your hand with too many rings and if you are going to wear a large ring that will draw the attention of everyone to your hands, make sure that your nails are clean and neat and properly cut. Some rings have layers and they look very adorable and do not need any other ring along with them, so wear one at a time for better-looking hands.



Statement bracelets

Big bracelets can be exciting because they add that extra dynamism to your look and reveal the active and bold part of your personality. You have the choice to either wear one that is wide enough and does not need any others along with it or stack several ones at a time. Whatever you get to choose, do not forget to keep it simple and you will still look stylishly exotic.



Necklaces are the life of your outfit

Necklaces add personality to your style; they make it look and feel alive, let alone how it makes you look gorgeous and fashionable. Necklaces have a wide range from which you can choose from, starting from the large long ones that look bold and mostly contain colorful stuff until the elusive and simple ones that are only made of a simple strand of pearls or a chain of any metal and let us not forget the chokers, for they look valiant and youthful.

Pamper your fingers with beautiful rings

Most of the time, your fingers are totally neglected when it comes to wearing trendy jewelry, but guess what? These small rounded pieces that you wrap around your fingers can work wonder in giving your outfit an amazing appearance or, at least, your hands and that is another good enough reasons for you to consider it. Rings range from classic gold ones or any other metal to bold stones and gems; there are a lot out there from which you get to choose the ones that fit your taste better, and your budget too. Statements rings are amazing for drawing the attention to your hands.


Consider the neckline before wearing a necklace

The neckline of your outfit can totally ruin the necklace that you are wearing if you are not wearing the right ones together, especially if you are going to wear a statement necklace. Statement necklaces are perfect for outfits that reveal a good portion of your neck like the strapless, v-necked, and off the shoulder tops or dresses. On the other hand, collars and anything that is close to the face needs a simple small necklace while bold necklaces should be avoided in that case. Putting these rules in mind, you will be able to master what jewelry goes perfectly with what outfit; just make sure your jewelry speaks out on its own.



Wear jewelry that seems like an outfit on their own

Combine the jewelry that is supposed to look like they are a whole another outfit by choosing the right pieces with each other. For example, if you are up to wearing a feminine looking outfit, you will look fantastic with pieces that look Vintage or ones that contain flowers in them. On the other hand, formal outfits will be looking fantastic with a pair of pearl earrings and a strand of pearls around your neck as well. Choose bold pieces of jewelry if you will be wearing a plain outfit.


Consider your ankle too

Your ankles should not be left out when it comes to pampering yourself with beautiful pieces of jewelry. Women normally have beautiful legs and feet, so showing them off could never go wrong, but they actually look more beautiful when they are adorned with a nice strand of anklets. If you are having a tattoo on the side of your feet or at your ankle, then nothing can grab the attention more than anklets and its shape is totally up to you and according to your taste. Besides, if you are going to be somewhere that requires you to have your feet bare, then beach anklets should be highly considered, for they give the feet a nice addition.



Be yourself

What is actually more important than wearing jewelry is to act naturally and totally be yourself. Bear in mind that jewelry is there only to add beauty to your already beautiful personality and appearance and not the other way around.


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